The little puzzle/adventure title is big on atmosphere.

by Jason Venter

You may not recognize the names Majd Akar and Hosni Auji, but maybe that will change once you have played their new iPad game, Zero Age. So far, Pocket Gamer’s Chris Priestman appears to be quite taken with it.

“I love it when a game drops out of the sky and on to my lap, and it turns out to be wonderful,” Priestman wrote. “That’s what happened with Zero Age, this new atmospheric puzzle adventure…”

Priestman compares the title to Monument Valley, an adventure title that is familiar to a number of iOS gamers by now, but also mentions Ico, the beloved PlayStation 2 title. The point of those comparisons seems to be to clue you into the overall aesthetic, which is arguably what those other projects did best.

“Aside from that,” Priestman adds, “it’s very much its own thing. You play as what seems to be a wizard, who is able to acquire Beam powers to solve the game’s puzzles.”

Priestman’s write-up isn’t a review, as he is apparently still playing the title and looking forward to finding additional abilities and more complex puzzles, but his enthusiasm is infectious. It also doesn’t hurt that the game is available for $2.99 on the iPad right now, plus there’s a launch trailer so you can see it in action for yourself before you make the financial leap.

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