What if origami could kick your butt?

by Jason Venter

Gameblyr, the publisher previously responsible for the likes of Pathogen and Third Eye Crime, today announced its latest iOS release. Zengrams is an “abstract, minimalist puzzler created by Andreas Boye,” and is available for download on the App Store.

According to the press release, Zengrams presents players with puzzle-based gameplay that is influenced by origami and logic puzzles. The title features 70 levels which offer progressively difficult design, ensuring that the game offers a challenge even for advanced players.

“Zengrams makes you smarter and offers a level of challenge unseen on iOS to date,” said Marco Mereu, Gameblyr’s CEO. “If Dark Souls and Blek had a baby, this would be it.”

The press release boasts that there are no “IAP cheats,” which is probably for the best, since it also costs $2.99. From the sound of things, you’re getting a full experience up front… provided you’re willing to pay for it and provided you possess the skill to clear those later challenges.

“We look forward to challenging the best puzzle gamers out there to complete all 70 challenges,” added Mereu. “We dare you to try it.”

Is that a dare you’ll be taking?

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