Mutants are not your friends. Luckily, there are bullets for that.

by Hands-On Staff

There’s another game on the way from Pixelbite Games, the group previously responsible for Reckless Racing and Space Marshals. Called Xenowerk, the new title is scheduled to arrive this summer.

“Xenowerk is a top down shooter set in an underground science lab overrun with mutants,” writes Glen Fox of Pocket Gamer. “Armed with a variety of big guns and a flashlight, you’ll have to explore the dark corners of each level to find and destroy the mutant’s nests.”

The game boasts 50 stages, and naturally things grow more difficult as you make your way through the campaign. In order to survive long enough to reach the end, you’ll have to loot fallen mutants and invest in power-ups for your weapons and armor.

“You’ll also have a bunch of special powers to use that boost your offensive power,” adds Fox. “You can use several of these at a time for a serious firepower boost if you get in trouble.”

Xenowerk has some detailed visuals working for it, with nice lighting effects and a lot of models on-screen at once, so it could definitely be up your alley if you’re into something twitchy. Keep an eye out for more information as its iOS and Android release draws nigh…

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