Another dual-stick shooter finally lives up to its special purpose.

by Jason Venter

Though a lot of folks consider Geometry Wars the king of the twin-stick shooter, the genre existed before it came along and still managed to delight gamers who love the feeling of falling into a twitchy groove while fending off nearly insurmountable odds.

When it comes to iOS, you needn’t go back far at all to encounter a time when Geometry Wars simply wasn’t available on the platform. Until the recent release of Geometry Wars 3, you typically had to find your bliss elsewhere. One option during those dark days was Trigonarium, and the game’s developer isn’t about to stop vying for your money just because a bigger name rolled into town. In fact, thanks to an update that arrived this past week, it’s now possible to get more out of the game than ever before.

“And the game has been updated with some new stuff,” Touch Arcade’s Carter Dotson writes about a new update, “including one vital feature: MFi controller support. Yes, you can now play this dual-stick shooter with a dual-stick gamepad, as the giant geometric gods intended. It just feels right. And if you have 2 controllers? Then you can play co-op mode with the 2 of them.”

It’s easy to see how a title like Trigonarium would play better with proper analog sticks such as the ones offered on the Gamevice, especially since the presence of such hardware is mentioned right in the subgenre’s name. And with the game being available at $1.99 on the App Store, cost-conscious consumers can get their twitchy fix without breaking the bank.

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