Find out whether time is on your side.

by Jason Venter

Over at Touch Arcade, Carter Dotson writes that a group of familiar developers have assembled to start a new studio. SteamDragon Games consists of people who worked for Spokko, CD Projekt RED, and 11bit Studios, and the company’s new game is called TimeCube.

“This is a simple yet challenging game, as is all the rage lately,” notes Dotson. “There’s a simple TimeCube floating through the void, and moving platforms that threaten to harm it. Your goal as the player is to manipulate the passage of time, forcing the platforms to go either at a fast or slow speed, to get the TimeCube to safety.”

The point of such games is typically to provide a low barrier to entry, so that just about anyone can grasp the concept and will feel intrigued enough to give it a try. However, those players soon learn that there’s more than meets the eye, and from there they hopefully feel compelled to keep trying until they master the game that caught them unawares.

“It’s rather challenging as you have no control over the cube at all, and must think backwards,” Dotson adds. “Slow speeds may be necessary to get past a platform, not fast speeds.”

The game will be ad-supported, which should work in its favor as you can download it and try it without having to pay anything up front. Apparently, there are 24 levels, enough to potentially keep you busy for a long while if the ads don’t scare you away.

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