The first three episodes are also coming to Android on the same day.

by Jason Venter

Back in May, gamers were finally able to experience the second episode of Republique, a crowdfunding success story from the developers at Camouflaj. Since then, they’ve been left to wonder when the third episode might appear.

Today, Joystiq reports that the third episode is almost here. It will arrive on October 23rd, just less than a week from now.

Joystiq also mentions that although the game previously was only available for iOS devices, the first three episodes are coming to Android and will release alongside the newest episode on iOS.

“Developer Camouflaj has revealed to us that it plans to discount the first episode of Republique on both iOS and Android for the week following October 23,” noted Earnest Cavalli, “though the studio did not specify how large the discount might be.”

If you’d like to learn more about Republique, one of the best sources of information is still the game’s Kickstarter project page. Development was originally funded on May 11, 2012.

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