The latest project from Mistwalker will reward you for its success.

by Jason Venter

Unless something changes very soon, most gamers will always think first of Final Fantasy and possibly a mustache when they hear the name Hironobu Sakaguchi, but that hasn’t stopped the man now in charge of Mistwalker from attempting to add to his legacy.

The latest such attempt is a game called Terra Battle, a grid-based action RPG that is releasing this week as a free-to-play title on the iOS and Android platforms. Gaming blog Joystiq reports that the title will put players in charge of a journey to the center of the world to learn about someone known as The Maker. It will surely be a challenging excursion, with plenty of monsters to face along the way.

One interesting touch is that the experience the game offers will evolve depending (in essence) on how viral it manages to be.

“While players can purchase Energy to restore stamina, avoid defeat in battle or unlock rare characters,” writes Thomas Schulenberg, “Terra Battle’s Download Starter will add content based on the game’s accumulative download count rather than how much players spend. New music, characters, game modes and a console version can all be earned if 2 million adventurers brave Terra Battle’s journey for knowledge.”

Sakaguchi and crew have a track record of delivering epic adventures, admittedly with varying degrees of success from one title to another, so it will be interesting to see if Terra Battle counts as another success or a unique failure when it launches globally on October 9.

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