You’re invited to enjoy another retro platforming experience, and your controller is welcome to come along…

by Jason Venter

When it arrives later this month, Sword of Xolan sounds like it should be something special. In a nutshell, it is an action platformer game, and its developers have gone with a pixel art style that leaves it looking a lot like classic platformer fare… and a bit like newer stuff like Shovel Knight and Elliot Quest, as well.

“You play a warrior called Xolan who fights against darkness in order to restore peace to the land,” writes Pocket Gamer’s Chris Priestman. “So, yeah, a story that’s never been told before (I hope my sarcasm is coming across).”

The developers promise 30 “handcrafted” adventure levels, 9 challenge levels, 3 “end of act” bosses, more than 30 different enemies, 10 unique game-cards that can be used to enhance Xolan’s capabilities, and GameCenter achievements.

Some of the remaining features are the most exciting, though. The game will be available as a premium title, without ads or in-app purchases, so you can enjoy it properly if you decide to make the investment. That’s not especially common these days, and it’s always cause for celebration if the game is a good one… as Sword of Xolan appears likely to be.

Another point in the game’s favor is that it will support MFI controllers such as the Gamevice, which should allow the precision controls that work best in a platformer of this sort. You can always go the touchscreen route in a pinch, but this is the type of experience that benefits from conventional input devices.

Priestman seems to agree.

“As promising as Sword of Xolan seems,” he adds, “there’s one thing that could certainly let it down – the controls. But with customizable touch controls and MFI controller support, that shouldn’t be an issue.”

Intrigued? You can find a lot more info about Sword of Xolan at the game’s official site. Then, perhaps like us, you’ll start looking forward to May 21st in earnest. The good news: it’s less than two weeks away!

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