And so it begins…

by Hands-On Staff

We’re probably going to be sick of Star Wars by this time next year, once Disney gets its money-making machine up and running, but that moment hasn’t come just yet and so we are still allowed to be excited about announcements and reveals like the one that happened this week.

As noted by Carter Dotson of Touch Arcade, Disney and Kabam are hard at work on a new RPG called Star Wars: Uprising. It’s headed to mobile devices and will apparently offer an action-RPG experience, including tweaks to the game world depending on your performance in raid missions.

“The setting of Star Wars: Uprising is interesting, too,” writes Dotson. “It’s taking place between Episodes 6 and 7 in the Anoat Sector which includes Hoth and Cloud City, with the galaxy in flux after the death of the Emperor and Darth Vader.”

Dotson expects to see the game this fall, probably around the time The Force Awakens hits theaters. There probably are other games being developed with other partners, as well, given Disney’s support for Marvel properties in the past. Here’s hoping you like Star Wars as much as the rest of the world seems to, as you’ll be hearing a lot more about it very soon…

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