The PC roguelike is finally on its way to your favorite handheld device.

by Jason Venter

A PC roguelike called Sproggiwood is on its way to mobile devices, reports Pocket Gamer’s Chris Priestman. It should arrive on the new platforms sometime after a planned update to the original that will add new items and a “Savage” mode.

“You play as a farmer that gets sucked through a portal by a forest spirit called Sproggi,” notes Priestman. “On the other side, Sproggi explains that it wants you to bring civilisation to its woods.”

Since the game is a roguelike, you can guess what that means: procedurally generated dungeons loaded with monsters. Apparently, there are six character classes, turn-based movement and battles, and plenty of loot to help you delve deeper. It’s all standard stuff.

“More idiosyncratic is its humor, cartoon charm, and elements of Finnish mythlore,” Priestman adds. “It’s a well presented package with a mixture of tactics and story to keep you entertained.”

Are you ready to venture into the wood?

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