Another premium PC adventure is headed for your favorite mobile devices.

by Hands-On Staff

Sproggiwood is one of the better roguelike titles on the PC platform, and later this week, it could well be one of the better roguelike titles available on iOS and Android, as well. The game is due to arrive tomorrow, in fact, from Freehold Games.

“This is no watered-down port,” notes Glen Fox of Pocket Gamer. “It’s the very same gorgeous Sproggiwood you played on PC but with some handy touchscreen controls thrown in.”

As Fox explains, Sproggiwood draws inspiration from Finnish folklore. Your job in the game is to “restore order to the land and its inhabitants,” working on behalf of Sproggi, the guardian of Sprog. Your mission will require you to venture into procedurally generated areas loaded with traps, loot, and enemies.

“Completing each one is no mean feat and you’ll die over and over just like in other roguelikes,” says Fox. “You won’t be forced to start over each time though, you’re just encouraged to try that dungeon again.”

According to Fox, the game features six character classes, each of which possesses armor, weapons, and abilities you can customize to suit your needs. There’s also a town building element, as you need to provide a home for the various creatures you find and domesticate in the various dungeons.

Sproggiwood will release as a premium download, with a $9.99 price tag. Are you tempted?

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