And now, get ready for a game that stars what may be the ugliest bird (or snake) you’ve ever seen.

by Hands-On Staff

If you’re the sort of person who seeks out perplexing puzzle games, you may already have heard about Snakebird, a recent PC title that has players use a growing snake/bird hybrid to gather fruit that has been dropped throughout a variety of increasingly complex stages. It’s apparently quite a neat little game, but unfortunately, it’s not available for mobile devices. At least, it isn’t quite yet. That could be changing soon.

“It’s in the works!” Noumenon tweeted over the weekend, on the topic of a mobile version of the game. “No ETA yet as this is a first for us. Need to learn the ropes.”

Word of the eventual port should definitely please puzzle fanatics, though, even without any sort of release date. Mark Brown of Pocket Gamer writes that Snakebird is “a cute and devilishly difficult puzzler” and adds that “you’ll be playing this game for months.”

Are you intrigued by Snakebird? You can find out more about the game at the official site.

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