Mobile gamers shouldn’t have to worry so much about missing out on something good this time around.

by Jason Venter

The next entry in the outrageously popular Skylanders series is called Skylanders Trap Team, and it’s coming to consoles this October. It’s also coming to some iOS and Android devices, in a form that should feel natural even if you’re used to playing the games on your television.

According to a Pocket Gamer preview by Peter Willington, the upcoming game is coming along very nicely indeed: “It looks just like the Xbox 360 version. This is the full, unedited, and complete console experience of Skylanders Trap Team, with no changes or cut corners.”

Willington saw the game being run on iPad, and notes that it features all of the shadows, transperencies, lighting effects, and so forth that have thrilled console gamers. Most importantly of all, it offers support for all of those hunks of plastic that you may have amassed during your previous journeys to Skylands.

“It’s completely compatible with every Skylander figure released to-date,” Willington writes, “and will pull information about those 292 Skylanders down from the cloud as and when it’s needed, so long as you’re connected to WiFi.”

Control options are also varied. The game is available with a controller, or you can use MFi and Android controllers, depending on the device you use to play. Touchscreen support is also still offered. If you’ve been hoping for a proper Skylanders experience on your tablet, it looks like Activision is finally ready to deliver it. Now you just need to find space for all of the extra figures and accessories that are sure to follow.

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