Critics agree that Gameloft’s new action game set within Marvel’s Spider-Man universe is far better than your average endless runner-style video game.

by Hands-On Staff

Developed by French mobile gaming company Gameloft, Spider-Man Unlimited is a new endless runner available on iOS starring Marvel Comic’s web-slinging superhero.

Unlike the vast majority of endless runners out there, however, Spider-Man Unlimited boasts episodic gameplay that unfolds across comic book-style “issues”. It also has striking, hand-drawn artwork that makes the experience feel authentic to the Spider-Man comic book series. Now that the game has launched on the App Store, the reviews are starting to roll in.

Here is a look at what critics are saying about the new Spider-Man game.

148Apps: There’s no shortage of endless runners on the App Store. Good endless runners, though? Now, there’s a trickier thing to find. Spider-Man Unlimited is one of those rare delights, made all the rarer by the fact it uses a popular license and still manages to be enjoyable. (read the full review)

Arcade Sushi: Spider-Man Unlimited doesn’t exactly break new ground, but it does what it does pretty darn well. While it’s true you could get ensnared by the web of its free-to-play offerings, Spider-Man Unlimited’s sharp game design and loving reverence for the history of this spectacular superhero make it a solid choice for anyone looking to sling a few webs, bop a few bad guys, and run their little spider-booties off. (read the full review)

Gamezebo: And when you take it in as a whole, even if the free-to-play elements do bug you, it’s hard to not love the bigger picture. Spider-Man Unlimited plays wonderfully, has a “gotta catch’em all” hook, and manages to capture the feel of its source material better than anything I’ve played in recent memory. (read the full review)

Modojo: Surprisingly, Gameloft’s Spider-Man Unlimited is a decent runner with a progression system and narrative tiers that allow it to transcend its status as F2P clone that you’ve seen millions of times over. In fact, with future updates, it may even continue to improve. (read the full review)

TouchArcade: I think Spidey fans and runner fans should definitely check out Spider-Man Unlimited simply because it does so much right. (read the full review)

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