Camouflaj‘s nail-biting stealth thriller returns with the third and biggest playable episode.

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by Hands-On Staff

République – Episode 3: Ones & Zeroes, the third installment in Camouflaj LLC’s thought-provoking episodic stealth thriller brings the ongoing storyline to a gripping turning point in which the protagonist Hope is left with no choice but to strike back against the forces that conspire against her.

Episode three, which introduces new enemy types and hacking abilities, is also the biggest episode yet as it spans over three full hours in length.

Here is a look at what critics are saying about République – Episode 3: Ones & Zeroes, now available to download on iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play.

148Apps: As before, one-touch stealth action is the name of the game here, with Hope a step closer to getting through the web of deception she’s been caught in. More story led than before, it’s not perfect, but as the middle episode of the bunch your attention is probably already piqued. (read the full review)

Game Informer: The overall storytelling of Episode 3 is the strongest so far. The ending especially strikes a chord, and has left me more intrigued for the next episode than any of the previous cliffhangers. (read the full review)

Gamezebo: Camouflaj definitely delivered on its promise of the longest chapter so far, though some of it is like busy work in the sense that it makes you anxious to get through it just to see what twists the story is going to take. (read the full review)


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