Coffee Stain Studios‘ bizarre indie sensation migrates to the App Store and the end result is a flawed but fun experience.

by Hands-On Staff

Originally released on PC, Goat Simulator is a third-person adventure that, as its name implies, casts players as a goat in an open-world, physics-based adventure where they can explore their simulated surroundings.

While the game’s offbeat humor and premise will only appeal to certain gamers, Goat Simulator definitely provides a few solid hours of entertainment if you don’t take it too seriously (and can forgive it for its often buggy gameplay).

Now, the full version of the game is available to enjoy on all iOS-based devices. Take a look at what some of the reviewers are saying about Goat Simulator’s mobile edition.

Gamezebo: Overall, Goat Simulator is a weird little achievement-hunt sandbox game that I got a solid hour of enjoyment out of. Is it worth $5? For most players, I’d say no. There are plenty of other games that are cheaper, or free, that can deliver a much more polished and rewarding experience. But if you’re in the market for a game that is absurd in every way imaginable, you can’t go wrong with Goat Simulator. (read the full review)

Pocket Gamer: You will get bored of Goat Simulator, and you’ll get bored quicker than you’ll get bored of a lot of other games. But will you get three quid of fun out of it while it’s still bonkers and fresh and anarchic? Yeah, I reckon you probably will. (read the full review)

TouchArcade: [M]ost of the fun of the game is trying to control a goat that’s running around wreaking havoc. Either that’s going to appeal to you and you’re going to drop the cash on the game if you haven’t already, or you’re going to pass on it. (read the full review)

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