Bedtime Digital Games’ surreal, Dali-inspired adventure comes to iOS devices with full MFi controller support. Here is what the critics are saying about the game.

by Hands-On Staff

Featuring stunning artistic direction clearly inspired by the work of Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí, Back to Bed is an imaginative indie puzzle adventure in which players guide a narcoleptic man named Bob through a optical illusion-filled dreamscape in order to reach the safety of his bed.

The game also launches on iOS with full support for MFi controllers.

Now available to download from the App Store for $3.99, Back to Bad received high praise from critics for its stunning visuals and presentation, though some outlets criticized the game for its lack of depth and underwhelming puzzle design.

Here is what people are saying about Back to Bed.

Gamezebo: Besides the consistently engaging puzzles, Back to Bed’s other primary draw is its aesthetic, which is an odd combination of cute and creepy. (read the full review)

Modojo: Back to Bed is a surreal puzzler that draws inspiration from the likes of M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali, and thus looks absolutely fantastic. And while it’s quirky enough and strange enough to get into if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, it’s simply not that unique once you get past its weird veneer. (read the full review)

Pocket Gamer: There’s an interesting, slightly by-the-book puzzler here if you’re willing to persevere. But there are enough more enjoyable, less agonising puzzle games out there that the sloppy controls make Back to Bed hard to recommend. (read the full review)

TouchArcade: Even though the lionshare of intellectual stimulation offered by the game is by way of art appreciation, there is not much to get in your way as you take in the sights offered up by this title. (read the full review)

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