Telltale Games’ eagerly anticipated episodic adventure series, Tales from the Borderlands, arrives on iOS-based devices.

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by Hands-On Staff

The first episode in Telltale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands, a new point-and-click adventure series based on Gearbox Software’s critically-acclaimed Borderlands franchise, has finally arrived on iPhone and iPad. Tales from the Borderlands: Episode One: Zer0 Sum casts players in an original adventure that takes place after the events in Borderlands 2 starring Rhys and Fiona.

Just like Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead franchise, the decisions players make in Tales from the Borderlands have a profound impact on how events play out in the game.

Here is a look at what gaming critics are saying about Telltale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands: Zer0 Sum, which is now available to download on iOS based devices from the App Store for $4.99. Note that the game requies iOS 7 running on iPhone 5 and up and iPad 3 and up.

Apple’N’Apps: It’s a fun roller coaster to ride with great timing of the dialogue choices, action sequences, and the engaging cut scenes. Borderland also delivers the longest first episode of any of the recent Telltale games clocking in closer to three hours, than the two hours of the past few Telltale games. (read the full review)

Gamezebo: There were more than a few moments where I laughed out loud (something I rarely do when gaming), and even one point where I had to pause the game because I had to just take in the awesomeness of what I just witnessed. (read the full review)

Modojo: Telltale knocked it out of the park with this one. The main series, although humorous and fun, sometimes lacks the immersion that helps drive the unique setting for Pandora home. Tales from the Borderlands remedies this by connecting players to two of the regular citizens of the forsaken world and lends a sorely needed personal connection to the series. (read the full review)

PocketGamer: While Tales from the Borderlands doesn’t have the bite of The Walking Dead, it’s got a snap, a pep, that should make this series an enjoyable, if forgettable, diversion. (read the full review)

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