Atypical Games’ visceral first-person survival horror game is unleashed for iOS and MFi approved controllers including Gamevice.

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by Hands-On Staff

In Atypical Games’ Radiation Island, players are invited to a tropical paradise featuring palm trees, white sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear water and some truly stunning views of the island. Unfortunately, as its name implies, the island is also home to ravenous zombies and dangerous wildlife that will attempt to eat you alive.

Now available to download on iOS-based devices via the App Store, Radiation Island boasts highly-detailed tropical environments, visuals and gameplay. Its intense first-person action also lends itself to console-style controls, which is why its developer has included full controller support. Radiation Island works out of the box with the Gamevice and other MFi approved controllers.

Here is a look at what critics are saying about Radiation Island.


 148Apps:  While Radiation Island doesn’t offer the raw fun and imagination of Minecraft, it’s still a good time if you’re the kind of person that likes pitting yourself against the wild (from the comfort of your couch, preferably with a bowl of hot soup by your side).  (read the full review)

Gamezebo: With some more work, Radiation Island could easily become one of the best first-person single-player survival games for mobile devices. (read the full review)

Pocket Gamer: There’s a lot to do in Radiation Island, and exploring the ruins and forests on offer is an engaging, often tense experience. (read the full review)

TouchArcade: But no matter who you are, if you want a big PC-style survival crafting game that is as good a fit for mobile as this sort of game can possibly be, or want way too much value for a $2.99 purchase, you need to pick up Radiation Island. It’s a massive, and immensely enjoyable experience. (read the full review)

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