REVIEW/Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

Unreal Engine-powered ultraviolence shines in Vivid Games’ Greek mythology-themed action epic, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus.

by Patrick Shaw

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Developed by Vivid Games, the Polish game studio behind the Unreal Engine-powered Real Boxing, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus casts players as Prometheus, the Titan depicted in Greek Mythology regarded as the protector and benefactor of man who bestowed upon man the gift of fire.

In Godfire, the mythological figure embarks on a new quest to reclaim the Godfire Spark, a mysterious force possessing unimaginable power that Prometheus steals from the gods at the beginning of the game.

In his hunt for the Godfire Spark, Prometheus is sent plunging to Earth where he is forced to engage in battle with a fearsome array of mortal enemies and murderous beasts straight out of Greek Mythology.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus features third-person action gameplay with a heavy emphasis on combat. Fans of Sony’s God of War franchise will notice obvious similarities in Godfire’s Ancient Greece-themed narrative as well as its violent, weapons-based hack and slash-style combat.

While a large portion of the game involves unleashing a variety of attack combos on hordes of enemies roughly equal to your size—which you can occasionally disfigure in especially gruesome ways with finishing moves—Prometheus also faces off against massive mythological monstrosities.  These boss battles help break up the grind of combat as there is generally more strategy required in toppling them; they also bring a larger-than-life feel to the game’s Greek mythology-inspired world.

Vanquishing enemies, regardless of their stature, however, requires quick-reflexes and the ability to execute the right combination attacks in the particular situation you’re in. Luckily, the game fully-supports MFi game controllers and plays great with the Gamevice.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus’ most impressive feature is its gorgeous visuals. Powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine graphics technology, the game’s richly detailed environments, enemies and effects are markedly superior the most games on mobile. Vivid Games also enlisted the talent of Oscar-nominated studio Platige Image to create the game’s dynamic, motion-captured animations. The vibrant, often violent overall visual experience of playing Godfire definitely warrants the label of “console quality”.

Once you’ve slaughtered your way through Godfire’s story-driven campaign, you can crank up the intensity by replaying it on a higher difficulty setting or checking out the Survival Mode, which pits you against waves of progressively deadlier enemies. For completionists, there are more than 40 achievements you can attempt to unlock in the game, too.

Vivid Games has also recently released a rather robust update for the game that introduces enhanced combat, new weapons, equipment and a trio of enemies including the Berserker, Enhancer and Healer. The update also includes the new Deadly Heights survival arena as well as localized subtitles.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is now available to download on iOS-based devices.

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