We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

by Jason Venter

Natsume has been producing Reel Fishing titles for years, and today the company announced that it has just released another one. Called Reel Fishing Pocket 2: Ocean, the title is now available for free download on iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

“We heard a lot of positive feedback about the first Reel Fishing Pocket game,” said the company’s president, Hiro Maekawa. “Players told us they would love the challenge of ocean fishing, and we’re happy to bring that to them.”

The new title features an assortment of fish you won’t find in the bodies of water the series has explored thus far, including mackerel, sea bass, and Bluefin tuna. Also, a “Fishing Master” will give you tips as you work to improve your performance.

“Set off on a once-in-a-lifetime journey as you strive to become a legendary fisherman,” the press release reads. “Catch a variety of saltwater fish that look and act like the real thing. The water around the Aqua Lodge is known for massive fish. However, there are mysterious ‘Legendary Fish’ as well; the kind that are only whispered about in fish tales.”

Despite being free-to-play, Real Fishing Pocket 2: Ocean offers additional fish, tackle and lures, missions, and new gameplay systems. How’s that for a hook?

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