Because the last thing you need is for zombies to show up at a town hall meeting…

by Jason Venter

Mark Brown of Pocket Gamer reports that Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville, a recent tycoon game that also happens to feature a horde of hostile zombies, is on its way to mobile platforms this summer.

“The game has you gather up the last few survivors of an apocalypse,” Brown writes, “and work together to rebuild a ruined city as a last ditch effort to fend off zombies. You’ll have to make loads of tough, strategic decisions as you choose different buildings to construct and different technologies to research, and figure out how best to use your survivors – leading to darkly comic situations with your citizens.”

A small settlement will grow over time, as your efforts to keep the brain munchers at bay meet with continued success, and then you’ll have to make governmental decisions in order to keep everyone alive.

“The game’s got a campaign mode with 30 missions,” adds Brown, “where you rebuild cities of increasing size and difficulty. But as the towns and events are randomized, you can play through it again and again and again and again.”

To find more information, or to purchase the Steam edition of the game because you just can’t stand the thought of waiting a few weeks, check out the Steam listing.

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