Make a dangerous mountain your playground.

by Jason Venter

Any list of the top video games about rappelling is going to be pretty short, just by virtue of the niche subject matter, but it’s looking like there will be at least one obvious new entry starting June 4th. That’s when Halfbrick Studios plans to make Radical Rappelling available for download.

“Radical Rappelling relies on rapid reflexes to rock-hop, ride rainbows and rocket down the side of a mountain,” the company notes, which makes the game sound plenty awesome right from the start.

“You can unlock different gear for your rappeller,” writes Touch Arcade’s Carter Dotson, “such as a rhino head, and different colors of rope, though with lava falling from the sky, your color of rope shouldn’t matter!”

The game has been available for some time now in soft launch, and Dotson reports having fun with it then, so the global release is good news for anyone who has been waiting for his or her own chance to plummet down a dangerous mountain. It will be a free download, as well, which is handy if for some reason you’re not yet convinced that digital rappelling is for you.

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