Wikipad, Inc. sheds light on its game-changing proprietary software platform in development codenamed Project Viceroy.

by Patrick Shaw

Wikipad, Inc. has made it clear that it is committed to redefining our collective perception of mobile gaming with devices packing console quality controls like the Wikipad 7 and Gamevice.

Now the company has shared the first details on its innovative new digital software store codenamed “Project Viceroy”.

Developed specifically for all current and future Wikipad hardware including the Wikipad 7 and Gamevice, Project Viceroy features a massive library of downloadable games and software that users can easily navigate by rotating its hexagon-shaped storefront.

The game store also wades through the profusion of lackluster mobile releases with user recommendations that highlight the best games you actually should be playing.

Once launched, Project Viceroy will be available for the Wikipad 7 via an over-the-air (OTA) update and for Gamevice as a standalone app.


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