All the proof anyone needs that numbers larger than 255 can still cause trouble…

by Jason Venter

Pac-Man has been around long enough by now that you might expect him to pack it all in and retire on a beach somewhere, but he’s actually just going strong and recently celebrated 35 years in the business. Now, there’s a new title in his future, called Pac-Man 256. It is scheduled to arrive sometime this summer, courtesy of the team at Hipster Whale.

“Pac-Man 256 is essentially an endless runner take on Pac-Man,” writes Pocket Gamer’s Chris Priestman. “You have to steer the iconic yellow muncher through familiar-looking mazes while the level 256 glitch chases him.”

If you were really, really, REALLY good at Pac-Man back in the day (perhaps too good), you may have encountered that famous glitch, which causes the game to start degrading once players pass level 255. Well, someone decided to build a whole game around that.

“So if that glitch reaches Pac-Man in this new mobile game,” adds Priestman, “then it’s game over for you. That’s not the only danger, though. The ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde) will, of course, make an appearance and need to be dodged.”

The game includes other familiar elements from the series, including the Power Pellet that lets you eat ghosts, as well as the familiar pellets. There also are power-ups, and Priestman speculates that the development team will include numerous unlockables.

Pac-Man 256 sounds like a neat twist on an old classic, so look forward to hearing more about it as the game’s release draws nigh. Maybe you can even play it on a beach somewhere.

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