If nothing else, it should help keep gamers amused while they wait for a mobile visit to Hyrule.

by Jason Venter

For many players of a certain age, The Legend of Zelda remains the benchmark when it comes to games about exploration and adventure. The world of Hyrule is certainly a difficult one to top, with even some of the earliest and roughest installments in that long-running series being cherished by young and old gamers alike.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that Zelda will ever come to mobile devices, despite Nintendo’s recently announced plans to make some of its classic intellectual properties to that audience. The current uncertainty offers other developers a window of opportunity, and the people at Compass Games have chosen to do something about it. Their upcoming game, Oraia Rift: Oracle of Oraia, has Glen Fox of Pocket Gamer suggesting that its content will be familiar to anyone who has enjoyed adventures with a certain Hylian hero.

“It features ten large environments for you to explore, open chests, and unlock doors in” says Fox, “as well as all the dungeons and puzzles you’d expect from a game inspired by Zelda.”

Such an adventure could easily fall apart with a clumsy interface, but it sounds like that won’t be an issue in this case. According to Fox, the game also will support MFi controllers such as the Gamevice, which should ensure that your adventures in this new fantasy world are unimpeded by fingerprint smears on sticky screens. If you haven’t gotten around to buying a controller yet, though, there also will be the option to go with tapping or virtual control stick schemes.

As noted in a related article by Tasos Lazarides of Touch Arcade, Oraia Rift was originally planned for release in 2014. That obviously didn’t happen. 2015 is the revised goal, and it seems feasible if the development team’s admirable ambitions don’t produce another delay. With any luck, we’ll hear more about the title and perhaps get a release date sometime in the next few months.

In any case, it would seem that if you’re looking for something in the Zelda vein that you can play on your mobile devices, Oraia Rift: Oracle of Oraia is the title to watch.

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