When they’re not busy sprinting down the field, some NFL players apparently like to run through temples.

by Jason Venter

You may have been wondering for some time now how Temple Run 2 could possibly get any better, and apparently, the popular game’s developer has an answer for you. Today, Touch Arcade reports that you’re now able to step into the cleats of some favorite NFL players… for a price.

As noted in the article, the first two available players are NFL quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick (of the San Francisco 49ers) and Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks). Each one is currently available through in-app purchases priced at $0.99. The pricing is said to be in effect for a limited time, implying that you’ll later have to pay more.

Touch Arcade notes that additional players are expected to be added to the roster at some point, though the article doesn’t mention who might come next and doesn’t supply a timeline. Are there any athletes in particular that you hope will make the cut?

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