A big update approximately the size of the game itself is set to release before the end of the year.

by Hands-On Staff

Monument Valley, a mind-bending, M.C. Escher-inspired puzzle game, is getting a brand new downloadable content update, its developer Ustwo revealed on Twitter.

In Monument Valley, players are tasked with guiding Princess Ida through a series of strange monuments by physically altering the shape and architecture of her surroundings—all while avoiding a race of creatures known as the Crow People.

According to a new report by Pocket Gamer, the forthcoming Monument Valley update isn’t minor as it will include almost as much playable content as the full game. So, you’re essentially getting a sequel to Monument Valley as a free download (well, free if you previously purchased Monument Valley from the App Store).

“But the studio elected to launch the pack as an update rather than a full-blown sequel because it’s new content for the original Monument Valley, rather than a radical evolutionary step from the first game,” writes Pocket Gamer’s Mark Brown.

“But that’s not to say that there’s nothing new in this update, as each level should include a twist on the formula. One stage I played featured a nifty, mind-warping visual trick where the game could work even if you flipped the iPad upside down.”

Monument Valley’s mountain-sized update is slated to hit later this year. If you haven’t bought the game previously, you can get it for $3.99.

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