You can marvel at the new fighting game a bit early, if you live in Denmark.

by Jason Venter

In July, Marvel and Kabam revealed that they were working on a mobile fighting game called Marvel Contest of Champions. They also revealed a trailer at that time, but things have mostly gone quiet since then.

Now, Touch Arcade reports that the game has gone live in Denmark. That has allowed some consumers to play it, and they seem to rather like it.

“From the early impressions in our forums,” writes Touch Arcade’s Jared Nelson, “it sounds like Marvel Contest of Champions is a pared down fighter similar to Warner Bros. and DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us, though with slightly more complex fighting mechanics.”

Marvel Contest of Champions is available in Denmark as a free download, and it should also be available to play if you happen to be attending the New York Comic-Con event this week. A global release date hasn’t been finalized, but it shouldn’t be far away and Touch Arcade speculates that it could even happen during the convention.

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