Keep it simple, silly!

by Jason Venter

Assuming you haven’t tired of the roguelike genre by now, Mana Aegis looks like a game to watch for. Headed soon to iOS and Android, the new title’s main hook is the way its developers focused on keeping things simple. Oh, and you can play with up to three friends, as well. That’s also unusual.

“Ease of play is important to the developers,” notes Glen Fox of Pocket Gamer, “who want beginners and hardcore players alike to enjoy the game. That begins with the controls, which includes only a directional pad for movement and two buttons to direct each of the character’s hands.”

That sounds almost NES-level simple, and Fox adds that the game will keep things trim by foregoing a plot, a class system, an in-game economy and so forth. That doesn’t mean, though, that there are no complications at all.

“Abilities are tied to equipment like armour and weapons,” Fox added. “You can have four of these equipped at any time which include teleport, double jump, special attacks, sprinting, and many more. Artifacts offer passive upgrades that improve your character in a variety of different ways. Tons of these are scattered around the game.”

That sounds like it could be difficult to pull off, since there’s no inventory, but the developers likely have a way figured around that. They also have taken a unique approach to world design, working to ensure that things remain challenging even when you might suppose you have learned the ropes.

“There will be nine worlds to explore that are randomly generated, and no two enemies you face will be the same,” explains Fox. “They all have different stats and abilities so you’ll have to remain cautious no matter what you’re up against.”

Mana Aegis boasts a colorful, retro art style that should work well with its pared down take on the roguelike. If you’re intrigued, definitely keep an eye out for more information about the promising title. It should release sometime soon.

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