English adventurers, Nazi search parties, and Tibet are all on their way to your mobile device, and in a single game to boot!

by Hands-On Staff

Lost Horizon is on its way to mobile devices, Pocket Gamer reports. The Animation Arts classic will be published on the new platform by Deep Silver Fishlabs.

“Lost Horizon is set in Hong Kong in 1936 and features Fenton Paddock,” writes Glen Fox, “an ex-British Air Force pilot turned smuggler and crook, who receives an offer to find the lost members of an expedition in the highlands of Tibet.”

Apparently, the lost team got involved in some things it shouldn’t have, because a Nazi group is also looking into the disappearance. This means the presence of characters who speak both English and German, and Fox states that new voiceovers will be provided in those languages.

Look for Lost Horizon to arrive sometime this summer, presumably as a premium download, though a specific release date and price point have not yet been officially announced.

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