When you’re raiding tombs, sometimes things go wrong and you have to run, even when your name is Lara Croft.

by Jason Venter

If you live in the Netherlands, you can already play Lara Croft: Relic Run, which soft launched in that region ahead of its eventual arrival worldwide. The title is being prepped for release on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

“As you might predict,” writes Chris Priestman of Pocket Gamer, “Relic Run is a 3D runner that can be easily compared to Temple Run, albeit with added Lara Croft.”

Numerous games have borrowed inspiration from Temple Run at this point, but Lara Croft at least feels like she belongs in that world, thematically. Naturally, besides featuring the famous heroine, the game finds other ways to distinguish itself from its apparent inspiration.

“Other than swiping Lara across three lanes, over pits and through swinging blades (and into the path of coins), you sometimes need to tap to shoot enemies before they hurt her,” explains Priestman. “There are also moments in which you need to wall run, jump over pits, and drive vehicles. And all of it is tied together with slow-motion set-pieces that emphasize how close Lara gets to death.”

Lara is no stranger to harrowing situations, of course, and in fact one of the points that people most remember about her recent adventures is her close proximity to a grisly end. On consoles and PC, you press a button when things go quickly south, because you have paid a premium price up front. That’s not how it will work in Lara Croft: Relic Run, however.

“It’s free-to-play, naturally,” notes Priestman, “so the coins you collect can be spent on items, and relics are used to revive after death.”

With the soft launch now underway, it shouldn’t be long before Lara Croft’s mobile adventure branches out to additional regions. Are you ready to run with the game industry’s most famous raider of tombs?

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