There’s no word yet on whether it will head west, though…

by Jason Venter

Kingdom Hearts is a huge series in Japan and, for that matter, in North America and the rest of the world. Square Enix realizes this, and has produced new installments in the series on a variety of platforms throughout the years. There was even a browser-based game, which is relevant now because that title is now being ported to mobile devices.

“The smartphone version of Kingdom Hearts X[chi] is based on the browser game,” writes Pocket Gamer’s Chris Priestman. “However, it has been reworked for touchscreens, of course, and will have new story mechanics.”

In the game, you’ll encounter basic MMORPG mechanics. Your weapon is a Keyblad, like Sora wielded in the original Kingdom Hearts, and you are trying to survive in the midst of the Great Keyblade War. Apparently, the plot relates to the events depicted in the upcoming console release, Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts has been going strong since the PlayStation 2 era, but there’s no word yet that this particular title will be localized for Western gamers. However, with Square Enix doing quite well for itself on mobile devices, our chances of seeing this particular title arrive in North America are probably a lot better than they might have been in the past. Would you be up for a little keyblade action on iOS?

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