Maybe Mario should think twice about stomping all over those rogue mushrooms.

by Jason Venter

Over the years, Nintendo’s popular mascot has stomped on enough mushrooms to supply a lifetime of delicious spaghetti sauce. He has knocked about helpless turtles, fried angry octopuses, and basically terrorized the less civil denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Well, now they’ve decided to fight back. Or, to be more precise, the inhabitants of a world that looks very much like the Mushroom Kingdom have decided the time is ripe to rid themselves of a meddlesome plumber. Perhaps they will serve as inspiration to the timid Koopa clan.

“It has you playing as Mario’s enemies as they each try to ensure that he dies,” writes Pocket Gamer’s Chris Priestman, describing an upcoming game called Kill the Plumber. “Pretty grim, but hey, this is a man that lands his full weight on mostly harmless creatures after all.”

The game finds players controlling these various critters, all with the aim of stopping a relentless plumber’s rampage through their domain. It sounds a bit like a tower defense title. Instead of endless waves, though, there is only the red-clad one. Fortunately, your troops have picked up a few tricks.

“Some can jump and throw axes,” says Priestman. “Others are shaped as bombs and are able to explode. Then there are the Thomp equivalents that you have to crush the plumber with. Wonderful.”

The game features stages for each new character type you control, each with four levels. Priestman notes that currently there are eight of those troops, so that should work out to 32 levels (the same as in the classic Super Mario Bros. game).

There also are bosses and bonus levels on top of the main attraction, so it sounds like Kill the Plumber isn’t lacking for content. It’s also looking likely for release later this year, so you hopefully won’t have to wait long for the opportunity to tell Mario that his victims aren’t going to take it anymore. Couldn’t they have sent him a mixtape instead?

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