The upcoming mobile game is an ode to finger drummers everywhere.

by Jason Venter

Pocket Gamer reports that Incandescence, an “experimental rhythm game for finger drummers” is coming to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone on October 16th. The title was developed by Guerilla Tea.

From the sound of things, the goal in Incandescence is to tap like a crazy fool, in pursuit of a score that will give you the bragging rights you surely crave. However, Pocket Gamer was disappointed by the game’s relaxed approach to gameplay.

“Right now,” writes Chris Priestman, “it’s a game that you can share your highest score with friends, but it doesn’t mean anything – there’s no show of skill here.”

In spite of Priestman’s reservations, one point in the game’s favor is that it will be available as a free download that is supported by “non-intrusive” ads. Given that price, Incandescence could prove well worth your time when it arrives next week.

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