Ecco isn’t the only dolphin capable of graceful arcs.

by Jason Venter

A new game called I Am Dolphin is scheduled to arrive today, reports Pocket Gamer. The outlet explains that the game is a “physics-based dolphin simulator” wherein you assume the role of Bandit, Simon, or Zoey and do the sort of things dolphins usually do.

“You can even torpedo out of the water, somersaulting into the air, recreating that magical moment in Ecco the Dolphin,” writes Chris Priestman, aptly characterizing darn near every magical moment some Genesis gamers spent with that other franchise.

Priestman spent a lot of time covering the game’s attention to fluid motion, and the requirement that the player master movement in order to perform actions such as catching fish. He also took some time to describe a threat featured in the game: sharks.

“There are nine different types, each of which have their own type of behaviour,” he wrote. “Some will lurk in the darkness waiting for you to swim along. While others will lunge at you on sight, betting you can’t get away fast enough from their jaws.”

Apparently, I Am Dolphin will arrive on the App Store at midnight, with a price tag of $2.99 in North America. Are you dolphin enough?

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