It’s the calm and relaxed burner you really have to watch out for…

by Jason Venter

Mobile devices are growing more powerful all the time, and as they do, game developers are building increasingly ambitious projects. One upcoming iOS title, Hyperburner, combines gorgeous worlds with twitch-based gameplay in a manner that definitely warrants your attention if you’re into high-speed thrills.

“Hyperburner promises to be extremely challenging as its levels get faster and longer,” writes Touch Arcade’s Carter Dotson. “You’re flying through small gaps, that often get smaller. Early levels have geometric shapes and clear spots to fly through, but later ones have you making quick moves through pipe spaces, or flying between rocks. It really nails the feeling of being in control of an escaping spaceship in a sci-fi movie.”

Dotson would know what he’s talking about, since he was able to spend some hands-on time with an early build of the game. He was impressed by the visual design from the get-go, and his impressions only seem to have improved once he spent some time getting to know the upcoming title.

Of course, there’s more to any game than just artistic design. Dotson played multiple builds, and some of what he experienced will almost certainly change between now and the title’s eventual release, possibly including the control scheme.

“It does kind of wind up feeling like you’re just aiming the indicator to empty spaces in some levels,” Dotson noted, “but later ones show that you do have to account for your ship’s physical presence. Yanking around the ship’s mass takes some practice getting used to, as you may have the indicator clear, but the ship won’t be.”

The game is played using just one hand. You can adjust between portrait and landscape modes, depending on your preference, and Dotson was pleased to report that either option works well.

There’s no word of a likely release date in the preview, but Hyperburner looks like it’s far enough along in development that we won’t have to wait long.

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