Retro visuals and a chiptune soundtrack could work well for this one.

by Jason Venter

You might have played Alone, an iOS game that arrived on the App Store last year. This last week, the developers at Laser Dog Games revealed that they are working on their next mobile project.

“It’s called Hopiko,” writes Touch Arcade’s Carter Dotson, “and it’s a platformer where you’re jumping from platform to platform at high speeds, dodging all sorts of obstacles, dealing with cannons, rotating platforms, lasers, and all sorts of things that want to make you less alive than you were before.”

Check out the game’s teaser trailer and you’ll see a game that looks very basic in terms of visuals (though they possess a certain charm) and sound. In fact, the video’s description notes that the title features “a belting chip tune soundtrack made entirely on a Gameboy.”

The trailer notes that the game should show up this summer, so it might not be a bad idea to play some other iOS platforms and keep your reflexes sharp. Then when the game releases, you’ll be ready to Hopiko right to it…

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