Monitor the testimony of a potential widow as you try to help determine what fate befell her missing husband.

by Jason Venter

A new game is headed for PC, Mac, and iOS devices on June 24th, which isn’t newsworthy all by itself. That sort of thing happens all the time. In this case, the game is called Her Story and is being developed by Sam Barlow. What makes this particular release interesting is the unique approach it is taking.

“In the game,” writes Mark Brown of Pocket Gamer, “you solve a cold case by sitting down at a dusty CRT monitor and poring over hundreds of video clips that cover seven interviews from 1994 in which a British woman is interviewed about her missing husband.”

It sounds a bit like the premise for the recent Ben Affleck movie, “Gone Girl,” with you stepping in to make sure that justice is served.

“You’ll have to listen carefully, cross reference facts, and archive data,” adds Brown. “It’s grounded, procedural detective work that don’t often see in video games.”

Besides the premise and unusual approach the game takes, another reason to pay attention is the developer’s pedigree. Barlow served as the lead designer and writer of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, which was one of the more interesting installments in Konami’s popular horror series in recent memory. While that other title wasn’t a complete success, it contained elements that suggest Barlow is well-suited for a unique experiment like the one he appears to be conducting with Her Story. In around three weeks, we’ll know for sure…

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