Now that you have the latest operating system, maybe save some money on games you want.

by Jason Venter

With iOS 8 finally launched, a slew of game publishers and developers have begun offering discounts on bundles of their games. You can already find dozens of offers, reports Touch Arcade, and more are likely on the way.

One neat thing about the offers is that you could pay less than the asking price for a bundle if you happen to have previously purchased a title or two in the series, though that perk is not without its potential drawbacks.

“This gets a bit wacky,” wrote Touch Arcade, “because unlike ‘Complete My Album’ on iTunes, the prices of apps fluctuate wildly, and it becomes possible, if you got some apps for free, to pay money for a bundle where you own all of the games but got some of them for free…”

Touch Arcade highlighted a number of available bundles that might interest a wide audience, including the oddly named Final Fantasy 6+1-in-One, which offers Final Fantasy I-VI and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years for a combined price of $69.99. Another highlighted bundle offers a variety of Ubisoft titles for $9.99, down from the usual $14.95 they would require if purchased separately. The Modern Combat Pack also offers three recent titles in that series for $9.99, which is less than half the usual rate.

It should be worth continuing to watch for bundles on the App Store, as they often can serve as a great way to collect your favorite games and maybe even a few you haven’t heard of. Have you updated to iOS 8 yet?

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