Forget about renting the ability to stream the game from the cloud. Now you can buy it!

by Jason Venter

Japanese gamers can once again play Final Fantasy XIII on their iOS devices, reports Joseph Leray of Touch Arcade. Instead of downloading a massive file, which would be quite the storage hog considering the title’s original availability on HD consoles, they’re able to install a cloud-based version of the game and stream it from the cloud.

Final Fantasy XIII had previously been available on the platform, you might recall. It arrived alongside Square Enix’s short-lived DiveIn streaming service last year. That program allowed players to rent games for varying periods of time, but it was pulled from the App Store this month. The new business model allows players to download a half-hour trial version of the game and then pay for an in-app purchase if they like what they find.

“Square Enix haven’t announced any plans to bring Final Fantasy XIII or any other cloud-based games to Europe or North America,” notes Leray. “And judging by the current state of American internet infrastructure, that might not change for a while.”

Still, it’s interesting to see what services Square Enix is making available in Japan, especially given its apparent ambitions for streaming. Companies worldwide are trying to find the optimal method for delivering content to gamers from the cloud, and this is one potential step in the right direction. Would you be interested in streaming games like Final Fantasy XIII on your iOS devices?

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