When an MMORPG goes mobile, it might be time for a new acronynm…

by Jason Venter

Final Fantasy XI debuted on PC quite a long while ago, in 2003, and has been supported with numerous expansions and updates in the years that followed. Now, it is finally on its way to mobile platforms. Shaun Musgrave reports that Square Enix announced the news shortly after revealing Final Fantasy Grandmaster, an action-RPG that takes place in the same world.

“Under development by Nexon, the developers behind the hit free-to-play online RPG MapleStory, this version of the game will have some changes made to it in order to better fit the mobile market,” notes Musgrave. “Which is to say, it’s going to be free-to-play, among other changes.”

A Japanese site, gamestalk.net, offers some speculation as to what players should expect from the upcoming title. Apparently, the new project is being called an MMMRPG, which isn’t a typo. The acronym stands for “massively multiplayer mobile role-playing game.”

Right now, the only images available are taken from prior editions of Final Fantasy XI, rather than the upcoming project, and we may have to wait a long while before that situation changes. If nothing else, though, the announcement shows that Square Enix remains committed to its growing mobile audience and is prepared to court it aggressively. Are you looking forward to experiencing an MMMRPG?

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