Your chance of surviving tough dungeons just improved by 15 levels…

by Hands-On Staff

This past week, DeNA announced that Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is undergoing some maintenance starting 10PM on Saturday night and lasting through 4AM on Sunday morning. Servers would then return with new features that are designed to help the title appeal to a wider audience than ever.

“For fans that play a good deal and have a solid collection of Level 50 characters,” writes Touch Arcade’s Eric Ford, “the most important addition coming out of the update will be the inclusion of Memory Crystals, that will allow you to raise the cap of certain characters (you must find a specific Memory Crystal for the character you want to upgrade) from Level 50 to Level 65. This opens up the ability to further strengthen your character for Elite Dungeon runs.”

Ford notes also the addition of Record Materia, which provide perks that are available to characters with the expanded level cap. This should make it easier still to survive while treading dangerous ground.

Another promising addition allows players to create Roaming Warrior characters that will be available to help friends in battle. These characters show up long enough to use a Soul Break before departing from battle, but if you’re hanging on by the skin of your teeth while facing off against a terrible foe, that sort of assist could make all the difference.

“Finally,” adds Ford, “Record Keeper will also be debuting a Quest feature that will offer a supplemental way for players to engage in battles, satisfy objectives and win rewards. Quests will be tailored towards both beginners and veterans alike, so hopefully there will be enough variety to distinguish themselves from the Daily Dungeons and Weekly events.”

By now, the updated content should be up and running, so make sure to you check it out if you haven’t already done so.

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