Brought to you once again by in-app purchases.

by Jason Venter

It feels like not all that long ago, we previewed Final Fantasy Legends: Jikuu No Suishou, which roughly translates to Final Fantasy Legends: The Crystal of Time and Space. Now, Touch Arcade’s Shaun Musgrave is reporting that the game has reached the App Store in Japan.

“I’ve only played a little bit so far,” Musgrave writes of his time with the game, “but while it has stamina meters and premium currency that you can buy via IAP, there’s a lot of regular old Final Fantasy in there. The battle system most closely resembles that of Final Fantasy X, turn-based with no ATB system.”

The game is available in Japan as a free download, and the in-app purchases are apparently its sole source of funding. It’s not possible to buy chapters, the way you could with Final Fantasy Dimensions, perhaps because the whole experience is built around convincing gamers to part with their money a little bit at a time.

“You take on missions that each consist of a series of battles, consuming stamina with each attempt,” adds Musgrave. “Yes, it’s that old Puzzle & Dragons formula again. I’ll have to put some time into it to see how fair the balance is, but if you were hoping for another game like Final Fantasy Dimensions, I can already tell you that you won’t be happy here.”

So far, there’s no information about when we can expect the game to reach North America, and no confirmation that it’s coming at all, but that will likely change soon. After all, Final Fantasy isn’t just big in Japan…

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