Get ready for more bizarre RPG action than you can swipe a finger at!

by Jason Venter

On PC, Fearless Fantasy has currently earned itself an average rating of 71% (according to GameRankings). It hasn’t done any such thing on mobile devices, though, because it’s not available… yet. That unfortunate situation will finally change on May 14th, as noted by Chris Priestman of Pocket Gamer.

“It was previously released on PC,” recalls Priestman, “but its gesture-based combat should mean that it feels most at home on a touchscreen. It works like any other turn-based RPG for the most part. Except, after selecting your attack, you have to accurately swipe arrows at the right time to dish out the most damage and score critical hits.”

In a sense, it should resemble the somewhat popular but often overlooked Shadow Hearts series on PlayStation 2. Like that other series, it mixes unusual battle mechanics with other elements that are less conventional in other ways.

“It’s also voluptuously bizarre,” says Priestman. “Enemies are psychedelic space hoppers and flowers with snarling teeth and lecherous tongues. And that’s the less wild ones.”

Though the story sounds like it ventures into well-trod territory (you are rescuing a princess from a marriage to the villain that she probably didn’t really enter into willingly, like the unfortunate damsel in distress from the Prince of Persia games and countless others), there should be enough fresh elements on the side to keep things interesting.

With Fearless Fantasy due to arrive next week, we shouldn’t have to wait long to see if it makes as good a match for iOS devices as it seems like it should. If Final Fantasy meets Alice in Wonderland gets you excited, you’d have to be bonkers not to at least consider a purchase, wouldn’t you?

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