There’s a sweet surprise in store for those who master the game.

by Jason Venter

Sony is trying something interesting with Fat Princess: Piece of Cake, a match-3 puzzle game that is available now for iOS and Android. The title is a free download, and if you play it well, you can score a free download for a game on another platform that would typically cost you money.

“The more important news for some of you may be that you can get a free download voucher for Fat Princess on PS3 if you reach Level 15 in Piece of Cake,” writes Pocket Gamer’s Chris Priestman. “We discovered this when the game was soft-launched back in June. But we’ve confirmed that the voucher is still available even after the game’s global release.”

Piece of cake lets players lead a band of soldiers while the royal gourmand follows. Making matches will cause the army to attack, defend, or heal, and matching cake tiles will cause the princess to join the fray.

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake was developed for Sony by One Loop Games LLC. Look for it on the App Store or on Google Play, if you’re not sick of match-3 puzzle games and cake.

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