When aliens abduct your friend, what is there to do but get all old school on their posteriors?

by Hands-On Staff

The people at Mole Mobile have been hard at work on a new title, Dibba & Dabba, and now you can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

Dibba & Dabba is a free download that will pay for itself if people wind up liking it enough to make in-app purchases. It tells the story of Dabba, who is trying to rescue Dibba from evil aliens.

“With its classic top-down view and 2D retro-inspired graphics,” the press release says, “Dibba & Dabba is addictive arcade gaming at its best. To rescue your friend and win the game, you must explore and complete a series of 10 challenging levels. To finish a level, a set number of scattered keys has to be discovered and collected, but the challenge is made harder because time restrictions apply, and because each level is packed full of obstacles and bad-guys preventing your progress.”

The game features Achievements, as well as leaderboards, and the press release promises “cute characters, fast-paced action, addictive gameplay and polished virtual-joystick controls.”

Intrigued, you can learn more at the official Mole Mobile site.

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