The Mega Man Battle Network-inspired action RPG hits iPhone and iPad with full MFi support.

by Hands-On Staff

Foursaken Media has just released Phantom Rift, a vibrant fantasy-themed role-playing game developed from the ground up for mobile devices.

Packed with a robust amount of content including an imaginative single-player adventure that casts players as a fully-customizable wizard, PvP multiplayer support and more than 300 magical spells to unlock, Phantom Rift also launches out of the gate with built-in support for Made For iPhone/iPad (MFi) controllers like the Gamevice.

TouchArcade also picked Phantom Rift as its coveted “Game of the Week”, praising the game for its immersive, Mega Man Battle Network inspired battle system that requires quick decision-making and strategic planning.

“[Foursaken Media’s] latest release Phantom Rift [$2.99], which has long been billed as ‘Mega Man Battle Network meets Bastion’, is possibly their strongest effort so far,” writes TouchArcade’s Jared Nelson. “It, like their other games, blends together different gameplay aspects into a single package, topped off with their signature love-it-or-hate-it art style (I love it just FYI). Phantom Rift, with its moody lighting and shadow effects, looks especially striking.”

The article also describes Phantom Rift’s deep character customization as one of the biggest reasons why the game is worth playing on iOS.

“[T]hat’s really what Phantom Rift is all about,” Nelson notes. “Your beginning character is a blank slate, and despite the game starting your character out in a certain direction based on some questions it asks you, there’s really nothing stopping you from taking a character in pretty much any direction you want using different types of equipment and spells.”

Check out TouchArcade’s full article about Phantom Rift, which is now available to purchase from the App Store for $2.99.

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