This is an update you can’t resist if you’ve always wanted to say ‘yes’ to the dress.

by Hands-On Staff

Crossy Road, one of the most delightful titles available on the App Store (and as a free download, no less) has just received another huge update. Update 1.1.21 is called the “UK & Ireland Update,” and it adds an additional 17 characters.

“Want to play as a chimney sweep in a dark and rainy landscape with double-decker buses?” asks Touch Arcade’s Carter Dotson. “You can do that now in this update, which includes three secret characters.”

The update allows the game to stay in step with events that recently played out online. Remember that day when everyone was arguing about what color a dress was, and then we all forgot about it (if only briefly) because a llama escaped into the highway? There are characters based on that one remarkable day.

The update, like the game itself, is free. If you’re into leprechauns and Dr. Who, you know what to do…

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