When it comes to mobile RPGs, here’s a series that rings a bell…

by Hands-On Staff

The Chaos Rings series seems to have done quite well for Square Enix, and there was some concern that the next installment would take its sweet time heading west. However, Mark Brown of Pocket Gamer reports that the title has arrived worldwide, and at a terrific price point.

“The game centres around an azure planet called Marble Blue,” writes Brown, “which is filled with unexplored lands, hidden treasures, big ugly monsters, and mysterious secrets to uncover.”

None of that should come as a surprise if you’re familiar with Square Enix’s past projects, and the Chaos Rings series in particular. The franchise has quietly built up a nice audience for itself, with traditional fantasy visuals that squeeze some impressive performance out of mobile hardware.

If you’re ready to take a chance on Chaos Rings III, look for it on the App Store or Google Play. Whatever platform you choose, expect to spend $19.99 on the download. If previous installments in the series are anything to go by, you likely won’t regret your investment.

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